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G'day USA

G'day USA !

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To all my friends over there!
From this lil Aussie :)

Peace out


launched today at Sydney's Park Hyatt Hotel

(SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA) - Leaders from Australia's export industries and Governrnent agencies gathered in Sydney today to celebrate the 2007 expansion of the much emulated Australia Week promotion in the United States from G'Day LA to G'Day USA.

The 2007 event will include a program of physical events in Los Angeles and New York as well as an online event designed to reach Americans across the country.

Australian Consul General to New York, and Australia Week Steering Committee Chairman, the Hon John Olsen, said the inclusion of New York was a natural expansion for the highly successful promotion.

"Over the past three years G'DAY LA has grown to become what may be the single largest foreign country promotion held annually in the United States," he said.

"This has provided an unprecedented platform from which to showcase Australian capabilities and attractions to the 10th largest economy in the world, California.

"But the Australia Week Steering Committee believed that the expertise and contacts we had developed over the past three years were such that we ought to expand Australia Week to a larger, but more targeted, American audience,

"We decided the next step was to effectively target U.S. industry sectors in their most appropriate regional markets.

"California continues to be the gateway for much of our export industry and we are continuing our efforts to reach the business, tourism, and entertainment communities through our key signature events like the Penfolds Icon B1ack Tie Gala, film festival, CEO Golf Day and policy forums focused on trade in the Asia Pacific region and energy and climate change.

"New York, however, is the global capital for fashion, media, business and finance, so we have designed a program of events to be held in New York to reach more key industry leaders, editors and homes across the United States. Some of our New York based events include a fashion show, investment forums, food and wine festival and gala dinners with the American Australian Association (AAA) and The Nature Conservancy.

"The overall programme for 2007 is significantly larger but certainly more targeted and will deliver valuable benefits for the more than 250 Australian companies taking part.

Mr, Olsen said another change to the 2007 events was the inclusion of big name business, celebrity and media partnerships, that would ensure a national audience reach and exposure.

"Last year, the 2006 event secured media coverage in the US reaching a total audience of 100 million with an ad equivalency of around USD$l0 million. And to make sure we succeed in surpassing that number, we have formed partnerships with magazines, television channels and iconic industry leaders that are respected and recognized by millions of Americans.

"We're partnering with a fashion pioneer Ford Models and their Ford Supermodel of the World (FSMW) annual promotion to create a fresh angle on an existing New York fashion event. A number of innovative Australian designers will be showcased on 50 models hand selected from around the globe to cornpete in this prestigious event.

"Our Travel + Leisure Magazine CEO Golf Day hosted by Ian Baker Finch, which already has the support of the American Express publication, will also include the filming of a special Australian edition of "The Big Break: All Star Challenge" for the cable network The Golf Channel with two foursomes of Australian celebrities and athletes.

"Australia Week is continuing its work with the US national cable network, the Independent Film Channel (IFC). in 2007, IFC will introduce a Shorts Down Under showcase at New York's IFC Film CLantre in January in addition to the airing of another weekend-long film festival in March complete with footatge from G'DAY USA events.

"Our event marketing program will include paid advertising with the likes of the Wall Street Journal, and a public and media relations campaign which targets consumer and trade media in both the US and Australia.

"And our Penfolds Icon Gala dinner and Los Angeles and New York Family Days will be featuring support and involvement of influential Australians including film, television and sports celebrities and business leaders.

G'Day USA: Australia Week is produced by the Los Angeles and New York offices of the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade, Tourism Australia, Qantas Airways and Austrade.

In addition to the founding partners Australia Week enjoys the support of six State Governments and around 30 naming, presenting and associate sponsors."

Key events of Australia Week 2007 are:

  • G'Day USA Penfolds Icon Black Tie Gala - presented by, Ausfilm and Qantas Airways.
  • G'Day USA Aussie Festival - presented by, Qantas Airways and Tourism Queensland.
  • G'Day USA Travel + Leisure Golf Event - hosted by Ian Baker Finch Presented by Travel & Leisure, and Qantas Airways.
  • G'Day USA Westfield & Nexxus Salon Hair Care 2007 Ford Supermodel of the World Featuring Australian Designer Collections - presented by The Australian Government.
  • G'Day USA Great Aussie Auction - presented by and Qantas Airways.
  • G'Day USA Shorts Down Under - presented by
  • Gday USA Supermarket Promotion - presented by Austrade Supported by Bristol Farms and Citarella.
  • G'Day LA Priscilla Queen of the Desert Extravaganza - presented by Australians in Film.
  • G'Day LA Engrgy, Climote Change and Air Quality Policy Forum - presented by The Australian Government Supported by BHP Billiton, Woodside Energy and Rio Tinto.
  • G'Day LA East Asia Trade & Investment Policy Forum - presented by The Australian Government Supported by BHP Billiton, Woodside Energy and Rio Tinto.
  • G'Day LA Australian made Food and Beverage Expo - presented by Austrade.
  • G'Day NY AntiPodean Odyssey: A Celebration of Australian Biodiversity & Conservation - presented by The Australian Government Supported by New York Private Bank & Trust, Pratt Industries USA, MargiArt.
  • G'Day NY Penfold Gala Dinner - presented by The Australian Government.
  • G'Day NY Wine Australia Festival - presented by Wine Australia USA and Tasting Australia.
  • G'Day NY Innovation and lnvestment Forum - presented by Invest Australia Supported by Advance and Hardys Wine.


In addition to the founding partners, DFAT, Tourism Australia, Qantas Airways and Austrade, the sponsors of Australia Week 2OO7 are:

  • NSW Government.
  • QLD Government.
  • SA Government.
  • VIC Government.
  • TAS Government.
  • WA Government.
  • Penfolds.
  • Ford Models, Inc.
  • Mulataga.
  • Lee Fish.
  • (Tourism Australia).
  • Lee Fish.
  • BHP Billiton.
  • Woodside Energy.
  • Rio Tinto.
  • Tasting Australia.
  • Meat & Livestock Australia.
  • Australians in Film.
  • Ausfilm.
  • Travel & Leisure Golf (magazine).
  • Westfield.
  • The independent Film Channel (IFC).
  • Hardys Wines.
  • Fourntwenty Pies.
  • Jacobs Creek.
  • Transurban.
  • Jamie Carroll Hair & Beauty.
  • Snowy Mountain.
  • Curtis Australia.
  • Australian Made Carnpaign.
  • Invest Australia.
  • New York Private Bank & Trust.
  • Pratt Industries USA.
  • MargiArt.
  • UBS.
  • AEI.
  • Advance.
  • Nick Cerrone Jeweller.
  • Film Finance Corporation.
  • Park Hyatt Hotel Sydney.

Website -

Media Contact
Rachel Crowley
+1 310 283 9745

13 November 2006


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