soulfire (chinrest) wrote,

too long coming

fuck, it's been so long since I posted, that the format has changed! *admires the new page* ..weird...anyway..

I've been flat out like a lizard drinking! Mind you, my bluey is quite slow to drink so I dunno if t hat's appropriate.

My days go like this..

Up at 5
open up the house
coffee(I never get to the bottom before it's cold)
turn on sunrise with mel & Koshie
dogs get chook necks, arthritis tablet shoved in riks
mix roo meat, egg shell, insectivore mix
Go out and feed the crow
mix chicken mince, insectivore mince for buthcerbird
make up a bottle of nectivore mix for lorri
sit and look at emails while I have another ciggie and slurp coffee
laugh at Mel and Koshie (cry at Grant leaving..only sunrisers would understand that)
strart the hourly feeding of lorri and butcherbird
clean out cages
wash feeding impliments
sit and have a ciggie and another slurp of coffee
realise I've forgotten to take my pills
give the dogs attention
rinse and repeat every hour
take rescue calls and try to make it out the door after a feeding
by 11 it's time to go across and check on the 86 yr old across the road (I finally got her 51 yr old son into rehab - shit gotta go there tomorrow and visit him) yes, so I do her dishes, have a cuppa and come back for the next feed.
spend an hour lying on the carpet in the wires room teaching butcherbird to forrage for food and meal worms
race off to release a brush turkey that I held overnight and released
crow gets lunch
tired yet? I usually am
make phonecalls to MOPS (members of the public) and other carers
listen to mum prattle on about wiping her ass
bored yet?
take the babies outside for 2 hours of sun (vitamin D)
clean the wires room while they're out
emails - it's the main way us carers communicate cos you can reply when ya not feeding/cleaning/setting up rescued buggers etc
bring the babies back inside
if I'm luck I nap around 2-4 for an hour
wake up
listen to the shebang on MMM while I work on my latest cage making project in the back room
clean impliments thouroughly (I hate that word) for tomorrow
check on babies
by now it's 7pm and I'm ready for bed!

ok, so that's the routine...understand why I haven't updated recently? good :)

Today I'm going to a local vets christmas party to represent WIRES. We do this cos the vets are so good to us, and when they offer for us to set up a table, we dont say no. Did I mention we need money!? 20 years we've been going...3 years ago we almost went belly up. Now considering we take an average of 237 calls a day, what would our wildlife, let alone MOP's do without us!? I spend around 40 buck a week on animals in care,include petrol for rescues and it's no wonder ppl quit being a volunteer! ATM I'm the favourite of the branch :D I got to go to Taronga zoo with a Lyre bird, omg I cant wait to own my own zoo. Don't laugh, it'll happen :) A WIRES zoo hospital. Just like Steve's in QLD, but smaller :/

Add to that, the fact that I did my official statement last monday and have been fixing the draft emailed to me for the past 2 days to get it just right - no fucker is getting off on a technicality! - but it means 'going there' in my head, which is a mind fuck!

shit it's 7am....gotta feed brb

7.40am ..that's how long it takes me to do feeds and organise their lil houses. Cos they're babies, and they only know me as mum. I cant just go in, chuck food at em and walk out. Nope. I gotta teach them how to eat on their own for when they're released, and that takes tim. ok, I better go do stuff. I'll update my site with pics so check it out to see what I'm doing :D and click on the wildlife warrior link.
have a great day :)


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