soulfire (chinrest) wrote,


Hi guys,

Sorry I haven't been active this week, it's been full-on here and I have a bad back/neck so I can't sit at the pc for to long. Hopefully the dr. will give me some good drugs and I can update all the goings on over the weekend.

Hope you're all well!


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Hey Souly.
Hope your back/neck feel better soon. YAY drugs :D
Take care.
thanx mate :) I'll be right, just gotta limit my time sitting here. I've also got a housefull of critters atm so I'm busssssyyyyyyy. Hope you're well, you're a good egg, I'm glad we met :)
You're welcome, i know, it's hard to limit your time. Sometimes I get one swearing I will only take a half hour tops then I am here for an hour :S . I've got a huge amount pf animals too. I've got Olivia, my tuxedo cat, my cockatiel (Poop formerly called shithead (my father-in-law named him) My 3 goldfish, my kitten Salem is coming home soon, and my kids aunt Shannon is giving them 2 hamsters for christmas. :D Glad I met you too:D
Crikey mate! my domestics are coming a poor second atm.(2 dogs, a turtle and 5 trop. fish) I have a baby butcherbird that feeds every half hour and today a new baby lori is coming in. I've also got the crow out the back in an aviary and a bluey that's about to be released. Yesterday I released a baby brush turkey and had my hand desicrated by an adult lori with a broken wing. Everyone's going away for christmas so I'm getting calls everyday to do rescues/rehabs/releases. But I just love it! Today I will TRY to update my site and the community. My back's better and I've swapped chairs so I should get some stuff done :) So chat then then!

Well, mine are only coming first because I don't have the time for many rescue efforts outside the home, aside from tossing a ping pong ball at my fat stray cat for going after a dove outside. He doesn't need to eat that bird, he gets fed a big fat bowl of Whiska's meaty selections every day haha. He was a house cat, but when I brought Jenna home, he freaked and took first opportunity to get outside, and he didn't come home for months. He's just recently come back but he's not kid friendly anymore and won't let me lift him to catch him.

Glad your back is doing a little better :D Will watch site for updates :D
Take care Souly