soulfire (chinrest) wrote,

Head Count and rambles

1 Juvie Lorri in isolation
1 very badly dog attacked bluey
1 baby top knot (crested) pigeon on 3 hourly feeds
2 noisy mynahs - 1 juvie & 1 baby on 1 hourly feeds

1 very tired but happy souly :D

That's why I haven't been posting. Any spare time is spent sleeping! I've opened my new community wires_australia You don't have to be a wires member to join so if you're interested in what wires carers do and wanna see some cool pics, come and join :) - shameless advertising I know :P

In other news...Mum's 70th is tomorrow, so we're all off in limos to ummmm some fancy hotel, to sit at the chefs table in some fancy restraunt. It'll be fun, but cos no-one is driving, they'll all get drunk so who knows how it'll turn out!

I'm doing my official statement of complaint for my court case on monday, so I'm a bit nervous!

I've been going to physio cos my neck and shoulders have gotten really bad and with this Post Hepatic Neuralgia pain, it's more than I can handle. I've been accepted into the pain clinic at RNSH and sent off the pre-appointment paperwork. The first appt. goes for 5 - 6 hours! I'm also booked in to the infectious diseases clinic at Concord so I can be poked and prodded and hopefully get some answers to my re-occuring shingles. They have no explanation for it or a vaccine or an answer to the PHN (cos the vaccine is the same as the chicken pox one, so it's in my system. Just that most people only get it once and I've had it more than 10 times! ) They thought it was my immune system but that's turned up negative. whatever..I'm SO over it!

blab blab blab blah blah blah that's all folks :)
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